1 month sober review

So I’ve been on this app for about a month and I’ve stopped drinking for a month besides two days of the month, which I didn’t get drunk though lol.
I figured I’d write about how my life has changed.
First and foremost I feel proud of myself for making a change I thought never could happen in my life. Alcohol was just who I was, it was a friend and we were very close.
Secondly I found out that I literally haven’t missed out on anything really that I thought I would’ve if I was drunk. Going out, declining beer is hard but did I miss out on anything? Definitely not! I do not need alcohol to fit in. I do not need alcohol because I’m bored at home, I do NOT NEED alcohol period.
Thirdly I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt, I’ve been losing weight though I’ve been out of commission with the flu the last week but I’ll get back into it on Monday! I am becoming the best version of myself I can be. Mentally and physically which I haven’t felt since I was in high school playing football!

I know my problem is still there and hasn’t magically disappeared but I’m better. Cravings are dulled but one day it may trigger and I hope and pray to have the strength to say no. I know there are a lot of people battling and fighting. Knowing you’re not alone is a great feeling. So reach out to someone on here or someone who you can trust.

To whoever took time to read this, thank you.


Keep up the good work!

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