1 Month Sober today!


This is the longest I have been completely sober (no alcohol, weed or pills)! It’s been 15+ years since the last time I could claim this (before I felt any of it was an issue). I’m so grateful to have found this site, and for the support I’ve received on here. Sobriety is HARD but it’s sooo rewarding too; in a million little and BIG ways! I’m doing the real deal… finally :slight_smile:


Well done!! Keep working hard and take it one day at a time!!


Congratulations! :tada: Nice job!!


Congratulations!! I remember the feeling I had when I got to 30 days. It’s great. Keep that positivity going forward!


Awesome work! The first month is one of the toughest, and you’ve gotten through it!

Well done :slight_smile:


Congratulations!! 30 days is a big deal!!


Amazing! Celebrate your hard work :slight_smile:


Way to go. You sound like you are ready to get living. Congratulations and keep it up.


Congratulations on your 1 month milestone!!!:balloon::balloon::balloon:
This calls for a pizza, steak, or whatever your jam is celebration dinner!!! Keep fighting one day at a time!!! :muscle:


Fantastic job! :slight_smile:


30 days aint easy but each day after gets a just little easier. Congrats to you on your success.


Congratulations and keep it going!!!


Bravo. Stay strong.


Brilliant work!! :slight_smile:


Thank ya for making me smile :slightly_smiling_face: Congrats on 30 days!




Congratulations! We are nearly identical (within a few days, same substances) It is awesome to see someone so similar being so hopeful and positive. I love it! Good luck to us :four_leaf_clover: