1 sober year


Wow, here it is, my 1 year sober post. Time has flown by. Not entirely sure what I’ve done this year, I know I spent much of the early months on edge and feeling a bit ‘wild’.

I lost my job, and was unemployed for a few months. That was hard, but I didn’t drink. Now I have a job that I genuinely love.

I cope with life rather than blocking it out. I have lots of sober friends in AA. There’s still some way to go with my partner and the way she feels about AA, as well as what I put her through. But things take time, and I’ve got lots of that now.

I’m by no means perfect, but I’m now a truth seeker. Life will have lots in store for me and I’m ready to see what that is.


Congratulations girl, you did it! :facepunch: You experienced everything in a year, but sober!
It’s always nice to read you. I think I would like you too in real life :grin:
But now I’m curious about the picture you promised about you with a hungover at your partnes birthday? Just seeing that lovely chip :grinning:


Massive congratulations! Enjoy your celebration day & major achievement! :kissing_smiling_eyes::rose:


Ah bloody phone haha. Yes a before and after. Here is one year ago, hungover…

And here is me a couple of weeks ago…


Thank you @Buts that means so much :heart_eyes:


Thank you :heart:


You look awesome :+1:


Thanks mate :wave:


Congrats! You have been an inspiration to me.


Nice one. Been a change over the year. You’re looking good.!:grinning:



What a gorgeous post this is. I have so enjoyed reading about your experience, strength, and hope over these last months. Your pictures say it all - you are a totally different person. Thank you for showing those of us coming behind you how to do it!


Congratulations on a whole year of sober firsts!:tada: you look fantastic


Thank you! :heart: You have too.


Thank you! So many changes!


Congratulations on one year!! :tada::bouquet: You rock! How do you plan on celebrating?


Thank you! :heart: :blush:

Feeling the changes already!


Thank you @Shell!


Thank you!

Well I’ve taken today off work. Nice sleepy and lazy morning. Will go out for something nice to eat in town.

Then later I have an air polish appointment at the dentist hahaha! I actually love having it done and having nice clean teeth. I didn’t intentionally book it for today :laughing:

Tonight I plan on watching scary films and eating cake.


You look amazing congratulations x


Thank you!!