10 day & fail

Aaand back to Day 1. Dammit.

Went to drop a friend off at the pub, went in, had a ginger beer set up like a cocktail. Was anxious about the 10 day old break up, need to stop talking to the idiot ex, sunshine, no work the following day, one thing led to another. Ended up drinking gin all night until the morning when I got home at 2am. Once I pop, I can’t stop. Second day of horrendous hangover & not proud what so ever. C’mon gal!

Now looking at new jobs & places to live outside of this crappy little town



Ugh. I feel ya. Get up and keep punching. You can do this. And yes stop talking to your ex!


When that urge hits, do something. Get on here and read every word, walk, read, cook…something…get that mind focused on something else. Chat with one of us, post about the urge. If you can control drink number zero, it will get easier. I was so close to relapsing, my heart was hurting so bad. Between a friend and my sober twin they kept me sober. We got your back, just cone find us! Every time you think about your ex, you give that person power in your life…take back that power!


Yaaaaa, stop texting the ex. Find a friend to talk to instead, its healthier and you two broke up for a reason. Also, I wouldnt be dropping my friends off at the bar anytime soon either. That would be a huge temptation I’m not sure I could resist either, politely decline if you are asked.

Get back on that sober wagon, you’ve got this.