10 day! How did this happen!?!?!?


Thank you @Uniek


Congratulations on your personal victory! You can definitely do this thing. :smiley:

I was excited when I realized you could add goals to the app too.


I liked your idea of moments. It just made sense to me as I resisted a cookie with my morning coffee.

I might decide to give in to a cookie later today but in that moment I had a decision and made the tougher choice for future benefit. :laughing:

Being aware of these small decisions is the basis of CBT therapy and it is not easy.


Thank you. I agree, it is not easy but I noticed that I tended to panic over the thought that I would go through the entire night (or week/month/year) sober and the difficulty of that seemed incredible. After saying no a few times now, I am just trying to be strong for these few minutes of urges. Keeping it in the hour, even in the minute makes sense now.

Haven’t been that strong to resist a cookie or chocolate though so hats off to you :blush:


So glad to read, someone else can do it too. I loved weed, loved getting high for 8 years as well. Im in my first week of sobrierity, I’ve said no to weed more than 3 times. power of will is all you need, keep it on mate!


She’s back! Counting down to day 4 @Swam?


Hehe @Spartan_Chris I’m waiting for the catch to come lol i feel too good for not have smoked for this long lol


DOUBLE ur previous record. Proud of u. Keep it up.


I never thought about it that way! Awesome!!! Thank u!



I’d give u a traditional “like” but I’ve apparently maxed them all out for today :joy:. Glad to see ur doing well.


Congratulations. !!! Ive just hit day 8 no weed ! Dont even think about it in the day now. Nights are a bit more tough. Sleeping is also tough. But I’m doing it and doing it well . here if you need any help !!!


So glad for u Jonah im on 8 days as well now. Same here nights are way harder. I gta make sure i know exactly what I.gna do in the evening otherwise i obsess and that makes it way harder lol WELL DONE for coming this far! I know the struggle! :laughing:


No way swan that’s awesome ! As if were both in the same place ! So proud of you !! Its getting easier and easier and I’m thinking about it less and less ! Be great to keep each other going. You’ve done the hardest bit now !!! :facepunch:x


I cant believe im at day 10! Heading towards 11! Thabks so much for everyines support i cant believe i hit double digits! Amazing!!! Mind blowing!


Way to go! Very proud of you!


Thanks heaps hehe!


Great job @Swam! Proud of u!!


Thanks @Spartan


@Rado thanks for liking this. It really reminded me of how my attitude was the first time I joined. Thanks for this!


Nice analogy!