10 Days and counting…

This isn’t my first 10 days, I am hopeful it’s my last. These last 10 days haven’t been easy, but I am
Feeling the positive benefits being sober is giving me.

My little pep talk to myself over the past 10 days when the urge has been there is; what are you missing out on by drinking? The answer has always been nothing!



Well done, the first days are the hardest imo…i say to myself…so Kelly…do u really want to have a drink? You know it wont stop at 1…ul quite possibly drink way too much, lose control, black out, wake up with regret and not remember insulting people, arguing with family…making an idiot of yourself then hate yourself for the forseeable…do u want a drink Kelly? NO F@CK NO!!!


I love how we all have our ways to make us wake up! :star2:

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