10 days sober! Here's my rock bottom. Encouragement please!

Theres alot behind the story but ill give you the shortened version. Last week, Saturday night, my now ex boyfriend started a fight with me and ended it with headbutting me multiple times. When i left that night, i took the remainder of his whiskey with me (not my usual drink of choice). Between Saturday night and sunday morning i drank all of it. And i had my daughter with me. I had been talking with her dad when Ifell asleep on the phone, rightfully so, he got the police involved. The police had me detox in the hospital for 2 days before they transferred me to a mental health institute for a psych evaluation. My doctor there didnt have me stay the whole 72 hour hold. Im not crazy. I just have untreated depression and anxiety. So they gave me 2 antidepressants and sent me on my way. They hooked me up with a therapist who can adjust my meds and address my drinking problem. So im on the right path to getting better. But for now, i lost my kid, and myself.


Hey girl, I’m so sorry to hear about what you’re going through. But the best thing about “rock bottom” is the only place to go from there is up. So at this point, you know it can’t get any worse, and you know only improvements can take place. I am rooting for you! I hope your ex gets what he deserves and I believe in no time when the right people see you’re equipped to have your daughter, you’ll have her back. Maybe try and look at this time without her as a blessing in disguise. You obviously need some time to heal from everything and maybe it’s best you have time to do it alone and not in front of her. Either way, you’re strong and like I said, the only way to go is up! Sometimes life throws crazy shit our way so we can finally learn whatever lesson the universe is trying to teach us and come out even stronger. You got this, mama! :two_hearts: Stay strong. :hugs:


Hey welcome, I’ve been through very similar situations and was very close to losing both my daughters. The good news, things will get better. I can see why you have anxiety and depression you have been through alot. alcohol will make depression and anxiett worse and we don’t even realize it’s the alcohol. But my god you went through alot and im sorry you did, I’m sure your therapist will also definitely be able to help direct you in the rite direction. Definitely keep an open mind, there is alot of good ppl in this community that can and will help you get through this. I’m gonna say getting sober is definitely not going to be easy at all, expecially with what you’re already going through. But I promise if you keep at it and keep working it, it def will get better. I still struggle alot my self. But I notice so much more how better it’s getting. Keep checking in this community has helped me so much and will help you to if you let it


Welcome !
Sorry to hear what’s going on in your life. Take car ed and stay sober !


So sorry all that happened and I’m glad you see that the police intervention was good for you and your daughter. You both need time to heal apart and then together. Ten days is big! :raised_hands: we’re all here for you.

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