100 days sober and feel pretty good

Finally hit the triple digits. It’s starting to feel a little mundane to count the days. It’s just become the new normal, a different way of being in the world. Keep up the good work everyone.


That is most inspirational! Yes, “new normal” is a wise way to look at this. I’ve grown comfortable with sober me, and this is also comforting.

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Congrats!!! I loved the idea of “new normal” :blush::wink:

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Word up, bird cup. :fist:t3::fist:t3: I hate counting days. I’m too impatient, I guess. I had to put my DOS into a calendar so I wouldn’t forget it.

You have hit the nail, though, when you say (something like) it’s just the way life is now.

I don’t know about you, but a life that was all wrapped around “ohimsober, gonnabesober, tralala” every
Seems unappealing. I just want to have a life.

And that is a real gift in sobriety when we work for it. It becomes passive income. (Though I am pretty sure we gotta do work every day…)

The work thay sustains us and gives us life is such as: shedding resentments, being of service – that kind of stuff.

So find your calling and give your all.

ODAAT :fist:t3::fist:t3:

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