100 Days Today!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads and to the Moms who pull double duty.


Congratulations on 100 days!!!

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A massive Congratulations on reaching :100: days​:star2::star2: :smiley::star2::star2:


Amazing! Welcome to the Tripple D club. Well done!

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@Teekotrain, read the AA Big Book. It really opened my eyes as to why I drink myself into oblivion instead of being able to sip cocktails like a normal person. Once I learned that I was able to be sober and happy. I had quit many times during the past 3 years with the same result. Sober and miserable! I did that as long as I could until I couldn’t anymore and the next thing I knew, the liquor store was making a huge delivery! I had huge liquor bottles hidden all over the house. I started buying rum in plastic bottles (not my regular brand) so I could cut the bottles up to get rid of them. It was absolute madness!
So now, I am sober and happy and not running around hiding bottles and cutting bottles up and hiding the pieces in the trash. It was the happy part that was missing. Maybe it is that way with you. Read the book. You can find it free at AA.org.
Also, keep busy. I am physically disabled so I do embroidery, crocheting, coloring in adult coloring books with gel pens or markers. Pretty much crafts of all kinds. Distract, distract, distract! Good luck and keep posting and reading here. There is years and years of experience but all of us are really only one day away from not being sober. Just don’t let that day be today.


Thank you!

Thank you! :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

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Thank you :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

Well done!! :confetti_ball::trophy:

Congratulations on your 100 days! Awesome!

Big big achievement! I’m very pleased for you! Continue what you’re doing! :heavy_heart_exclamation::boar::boom::clap:

When the pain of change becomes less than the pain of staying the same, then we can begin to embrace recovery if we have the capacity to be honest.
This is what it took for me to turn my life around for the better. Pain in one’s life is and incredible motivating factor. An asset if you will. I cherish the pain that I went through in my life now. It’s what keeps me sober today. :heart:

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Congratulations Carol on your 100 days of sobriety. You are building a solid foundation. :heart:

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