100 days. Wild ride

I honestly feel like wrapping my arms around this physical version of myself, and never letting go.

The journey of learning to accept these intricate aspects of self is so groovy.

Im so grateful.


Super number congrats!!!


What a beautiful feeling that milestone is!!! Congratulations on your fantastic hard work!!

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Great job on triple digits!!!
Keep going and wrapping your arms around yourself!!!


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Congratulations!!! That is a great number!!!:+1::rainbow::tada::confetti_ball::ice_cream::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

Congratulations! :trophy:

You mus feel like your on top of the world, I’m at the beginning wondering and hoping I get to where u are on day!! Did you ever relapse through your journey j um not rude to ask?!

brilliant sober days, never gets boring seeing others achievements.

That’s fantastic! Congratulations!!! Here’s to the next 100🎉

Absolutely. For a while there i would go 2 weeks, then binge drink.
Go 2 weeks.
Binge drink.
Its just a gnarly cycle.

Woohoooo, way to go. That’s awesome I’m half way. It’s a wild ride indeed. Thanks for being here :slight_smile: :muscle:

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Awesome job! It only gets easier…stay the course, you’re doing amazing :heart::heart:

very awesome! congratulations :slight_smile:

Well done! Great to see :slight_smile: Just think how good you’ll feel when it says “half a year” and then “a year”…

We got this! :slight_smile: