100 days - Your advice please?

Your advice would be appreciated. … i started my sober journey 100 days ago today, in that time I have had 12 drinks (not at one time normally only 1) … its not even the alcohol I want its the blasted thought that i get stuck with and I have one … your tips would help me heps …thank you.

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Congrats on 100 days. Not sure what your goal is. So in 100 days you have had 12 drinks. Do you want that to be 0 drinks, or is your goal to cut back more? Alleviate the craving for the drink with a fizzy beverage such as sparkling nonalcoholic wine, spicy ginger ale, etc. Good luck.


Thank uou for your advice …yes Id prefer it to be 0 drinks … and its not even a physical craving but an emotional “thought”… thanks again

Good advice from @zepolarne. Just physically keeping a drink helps me, especially one similar to what @zepolarne suggested.

Thank you NewFuture … my drink of choice these days is soda water and lime :blush:

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When the obsession to drink hits, it either passes or stays. And its what i do do with the thought that stays. If i keep allowing myself a drink here and there, then it will most likely continue to be like that. But if youre wanting to not drink anymore, when the thought stays, then i would suggest… Do some things you enjoy… Maybe getting on this app and chatting with someone, i know it always helps when i tell on my disease and get it out in the open. Distraction like writing, listening to music, surf the web to some recovery pages, go for a drive, go shopping, reading, hiking, to the beach, movies, art, go for a drive, literally anything that will keep your mind off a drink. Me personally, i go to meetings, so im able to call my sponsor or another alcoholic who gets it… and usually by the end of the call i dont want to drink anymore. Is that always the case, no. But i usually can take it an hour at a time until i can make a meeting. Thats just for me personally, not saying what works for me will work for you. But these are just some ideas to think about. Hope this helps. And rememeber, its Just for Today.

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Thank you very much Just4Today i can relate to that …!! I will certainly try your tips …