100th Day of Sobriety


Frst off, thank you all for helping me through this journey. I came to this group as a hot mess, immediately you guys gave me advice, listened to me, didn’t judge me. but most importantly you guys accepted me. Coming out snd saying i had and still have a problem was not easy. I wish I could be the person to drink one or two beers but I know i can’t. I’ve been to rehab, I was forced to go to AA, but I wasn’t ready or I didn’t want to quit. It took me 43 years to see I had a problem but I finally noticed it. I’m still scared of relapsing but I stay distracted and try to stay mentally busy. Again thank you all! For the person just starting this journey it isnt easy but well worth it mentally and physically. Never give up and always know there is always a brother or sister here to help you. Noones going to judge you but people will tell you the truth and some people don’t want to hear the truth. I thank you all again and I will always be grateful to you all.


Congrats on your 100 days!! That is impressive!!


Great job on 100…stay focused and strong and you’ll have another 100 without notice…be well.


Congrats! :smiley:


Congratulations on your 100 days :blush:


100 days is a huge milestone. Congratulations.


Great job on 100 days…thats huge!!! Have a fabulous day!


Congratulations as 100 days is fricken huge!!! Keep it going!


Congratulations with your :100: days sober! You earned every day of it! :facepunch:
Keep them rolling.


Congratulations buddy! Focus is the important thing here. Well done!:grinning: