12 days so far

12 days so far and I’ve never been so emotional in my life. I’ve never been one to cry but lately seems to be all I want to do. Whether I’m happy or sad, just feel like crying. But I’ve just been letting it happen. Figure it’s what I must need. I’ve been through a lot in my 35 years and I guess it’s time to face it all sober. About time really. I’ve kept so much in since I was a kid. Think it may be time to release some of these demons.

Anyway I sat at a bar last night cause it’s where the hostess sat my niece and i… ordering a coke without jack was weird but felt so right. And it felt so good when I left and didnt have to worry about someone driving me home. I could actually drive myself home. Not much of an accomplishment for some but I’ll take what I can get right now lol.

Small victories for the win!!!


That great work 12 days.
Just ride the rollercoaster of emotions. It does get easier.

You’re doing great! its the best feeling ever when you can drive yourself home from a night out! Let those feelings come matey, it gets easier but we keep so much bottled up, it’s just got to come out. Keep going, one day at a time :pray:t2::two_hearts:

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