12 days without cigarettes

I’ve installed this application for quitting my smoke addiction before exact 1 year ago on this same month but I’ve failed quit this shit at that time but now again I’m come back, but this time full of energy and positive mindset.


This is my next hurdle! Maybe it’ll be easier to do without a drink in my hand!

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Yes it will be easier…
I also drink beer sometimes without smoke…good luck


Those patches work miracles. Took me 3 attempts but 3rd time was a charm, I’ve been cigarette free for 6 years now. The state of Oregon had a great assistance program for low-income people (got free patches & support for a month) and that made it easy for me, maybe there is a program where you live as well? I think Oregon’s was called quit assist.


It is hard but worth it. I used the patches for 2-3 weeks to breake the routine of smoking. No more smoking since may 10 '2015 :slight_smile:


Good to know dear :hugs:
I’m also trying to quit :smoking:

Good job on that. Six years,sounds like that took for sure.

Congrats!!! Once I got sober, I started smoking like a chimney again. It grosses me out to taste and smell like it constantly. Does anyone have any tips that made quitting for easier for them?

To stop smelling like an ashtray. That worked for me.

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I quit a 1-2 pack a day 30+ year smoking habit 9 years ago. I won’t lie, it took me YEARS of quitting and relapsing before my final quit stuck. It was a real shit show and hard on my self esteem…why couldn’t I stay quit? A lot had to do with the association of drinking and smoking and other habits around smoking (the habit/ritual aspect is a big one). It also was VERY hard to beat my nicotine addiction…I used lozenges for quite a while and patches for awhile…which allows you to step down from nicotine addiction, but you are still addicted (physical addiction).

Through all the relapses, I would keep in my head that I was still going to quit and I would…another week later or months later or days later…whenever I started smoking again, I would know I was going to quit again and I would just keep quitting until I got SO FREAKING SICK of my own crap that I quit with a Wellbutrin kicker for 3 months and it stuck.

I kept a lot of sugar free lozenges around, did not go near anyone smoking for a couple of months, drank a TON of water and started ramping up my exercise. I also found quitnet.com for quitting smoking to be a HUGE help, much like this forum is for drinking.

For me, it was about a dogged tenacity to keep at my quitting until it stuck. I am obviously a very slow learner. :rofl: It was a long slog, but quitting smoking continues to be one of my proudest accomplishments. It has brought me to a new life and self…no joke…that shit RULED my life. You cannot imagine the free time you gain once you are free from cigarettes…of course I filled mine with lots of alcohol…I do NOT recommend that path at all.

Sorry for the novel. Do take a look at quitnet…see what you think. And keep at it!!

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