14 days sober and going strong!

I can’t believe I’ve actually made it 14 days sober! This is the longest I’ve gone without a drink in probably over 10 years. Like I mentioned before I want to completely change my lifestyle and have been going to the gym nearly every morning at 6am, which tires me out and I’m able to sleep well and go to bed early. I feel focused at work and truly have so much more energy! Life is good!
Can’t wait to continue this new journey! Thanks for all of your support!


Thats brilliant news. Well done. Keep us updated on your journey x x

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Way to go. Nothing like a good workout to crush cravings and tire yourself out!


Nice job! Working out definitely helps. Something I myself have to step up again. Keep up that positive momentum :ok_hand:

Fantastic job. I’m on the same. Never in my life thought I’d manage it

Well done keep us posted on your journey wish you well

Nice motivational story. I’m on day one!