14 Days Sober and Still constantly HUNGRY!?

Hi All, thank you for your support, happy to say I made 2 weeks SOBER! That’s huge for me. I went through normal withdrawals, sugar cravings, the sugar part has subsided somewhat. But wow, I’m always thirsty & hungry! Is this normal? I drink teas, Powerade, juice all day long. And I can’t stop eating or wanting to eat. Even with this, I’ve lost 4 lbs, but want to know if anyone has any insight on this. I’m afraid the losing weight will reverse if I keep this up. Thanks in advance :purple_heart:


I’m over 6 months in, and still hungry most of the time! :rofl::laughing:
Congratulations on your 2 weeks, Maxine! I see your very active on here and doing great! keep going! :call_me_hand:t2::confetti_ball::tada: