14 hours in

Not even 24 hours in and I feel like shit…I’m shakey and restless and freezing cold. I’m also starving but nauseous at the same time? I just need to make it through today. I have work so hopefully that’ll keep me distracted and I don’t feel to horrible at work, I just wanna sleep the day away again.


Hi & welcome @Kengrace

You made the start, that’s the hardest part :muscle: congrats!

From now on, it will gets better from day to day.

Work will be a good distraction.

Check in here, talk to others, stay busy & don’t judge yourself too hard.

I made the mistake on my 1st 3 days and didn’t get up out of bed and was judging myself. It won’t help and it makes everything even harder.

I wish you the best!

Stay strong!

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Day 3 and still working through “my last hangover” but I know it gets better…so keep going.


Are you still considering that 28 day rehab?

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Not right now. I am in bi-weekly sessions, through the worse of my detox, and considering finding a meeting tomorrow…so definitely something different from my chronic relapse pattern.

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I know it’s such a cliche saying but it really is one day at a time. Don’t be saying you want to give up not drinking for let’s say a year, because then when you reach that year you may want to celebrate and be right back here. It’s hard for me to say this when I’m on day two but that’s my approach moving forward. Just keeping myself busy and occupied each and everyday to not get back here.


I needed ten days of inhouse detox. It makes a big difference. Don’t give up or give in. You can do this!

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How ya doing?