16 days sober from weed

Need your support guys hold me up I got difficult and hard craving and I’m not willing to smoke any tiny piece even on pipe please need your help


You ok Steven?

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Yeah thanks I hardly slept last night, Now I got a mild pain in my right chest espies when I’m yawning or deeply breathing and I started worrying about it :man_facepalming:t2:

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Yeah Maybe it’s due to my sleeping disorder as I barely slept at 5:30 AM and woke up 11 AM.

It’s 16:23 pm currently at the UK

I think people who withdrawing from alchohol including me have the same effect can’t sleep raised heart beat to be honest I think solution is detox in addiction Center which I’m waiting for if you not feeling super bad I would advice you natural remedy which helped me many time when I was not able to sleep :zzz: valerian rood google up is well know to calm down your GABA receptors that are raising of the roof and not letting you to sleep I take it though out the day you can feel difference at the same day
If it’s more serious seek some help from gp I used lie to them make excuses I think u have to be honest actually get some help

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