18 months has come

My 18 months was on the 20th. I’ve been slacking with going to meetings lately so i don’t have a chip yet.

As i hit 18 months i can’t help but think of a long time friend of mine who is an alcoholic. She is constantly relapsing. I wish there was a way i could help her.


Unfortunately I think you know that you can’t, the only person to help them is themselves, all you can do is be there when they need to talk :hugs: I know it’s horrible watching someone we care about struggle I hope that you can continue to find strength in your recovery while you go through this

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12th step her! Get some ladies from your home group and explain what it was like, what happened and what it’s like now.

I don’t know, maybe clue her in on Talking Sober?

I’ve been talking to her about here. Im hoping she will consider joining it.


Keep planting seeds. You never know when one will spring up and grow.