1day sober


Want to be sober, alco is bad. Starting sober


Good. Decide to be sober, and then be sober. Get better at getting better, each and every day.


thanks. will try.


Don’t try. Just do. Do you have any plan of action in place?


Do, or do not.

There is no “try”.


Welcome. Making the decision is the first step. Actually doing something to be sober is the next.
Find a meeting, find a support partner, pray, dump all the booze you have.
Do any or all of these things. Whichever YOU feel comfortable with.
Whatever you do stay sober for today. Tomorrow is a new day and you can start that when you wake up :purple_heart:


Geez, I’d swear you were Yoda or somethin’ :sweat_smile:


i think the plan is simple on first look. not to drink. second day sober started.


Well if it were as simple as just stopping none of us would be here, programs like AA wouldn’t exist and rehabs would go broke.

What are you going to do when you get a craving. Or when you get bored. Or when someone drinks in front of you?