1st day of not drinking

I am hoping today is the day. I managed to stay sober for 3 years before my father passed away last year. I fully relapsed and am now at my worst. It’s 10:20am here where I am at and I’m craving. I’m sick and tired of this challenge.


Hi Alice, welcome to the community, 3 years is an awesome amount of time…so you know you can do this…keep venting here we are all here for you, huge hug from me :people_hugging:


I can relate so much my mom passed nearly 6 years ago and I used alcohol and more to take the pain away, the longest I’ve done is nearly 8 weeks I’m back on nearly day 5, it’s hard extremely, I’m just trying to stay focused and motivated stay strong we can do this :muscle:


Yeah I hear you. My father was a large part of my recovery. 8 weeks is great. You know you can do this. I’ve put my boots on 3 times to go to the corner store but took them back off. Jeezzz it’s tough.


Feeling positive today, sending positive vibes to you too, I know what you mean about the boots and going to the nearest store, I’m kinda isolating myself from things and places until stronger, think I shall probably upset a few people along the way as party’s are booked, but I’m not going, I’m focusing on gym, and decorating my house and sorting my garden, one day at a time too :+1::muscle:


This is how you do it until you get more comfortable with sobriety. It’s a wonderful journey where we continue to grow and get better at being better ODAAT. glad you are here.

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Hi and welcome :raising_hand_woman:

Great to have you with us :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to the community! How are you feeling today?

Welcome @Alice13

Keep those boots off! Congratulations on your three years sober. You proved you can do it. I’ve not lost a parent; that’s got to be hard.

I think when we are ‘down’ in a hole, there’s only ‘up’ to look at. In this community I’ve seen lots and lots of hands reaching down to help each other out.

I’m so glad you are here.


I made it through yesterday… I seem to have big cravings around 3:00 and 6:00. I’ve moved my yoga session to 3:00 to see if that helps. Tomorrow I am planning on starting to walk for a while. One shitty thing - not sleeping well at all. Have a great sober Friday!:slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah happy sober Friday, Ive been decorating all day, going to keep going for a bit longer, staying focused