1st timer here

Hi all, this is my 1st post. I’ve been sober this time for 6 days now, I’ve always had issues with the big A. I’m a binger and a secret drinker. In 2012 it all came to a head, I risked losing everything, friends, family, fiancé who I was marrying that year. She gave me an altermatom, it was her or the drink. I sorted myself out with various groups and acupuncture, and I stayed sober for 3 and a half years. Then I had a conversation with my wife and convinced her I’d be OK to have a drink with her, I’d been sober for 3 and a half years, I didn’t need to drink i wanted to. This went on till Sept 2018 when I lost my job. Then the spiral started again, I’d never been out of work before and now with 3 kids and a wife. I decided to re train as an electrician but 1 day a week wasn’t enough to keep my head from convincing me that it was OK to have that 1 drink. I got away with it, so th 1 went to 2 to 3, 4,5. I finally got caught out 2 weeks before Xmas 2019, not one of my finest moments. I’m now at the start again 6 six days clean an sober but this time I think its gone to far, my wife wants us to separate, I think I’m going to lose my home and kids all due to chasing the buzz of getting away with having a drink. Its the 1st time I’ve joined a group like this you’ll be able to help me and I hope I can help at least 1 of you. Let’s stay strong.


Hello and welcome this place is a great place to get help and advice sorry your going through a hard time let’s get you back on track! I found I reading everything I could on sobriety really helped me in those early days there’s also lots of online meetings you could try out the more action you put in the better your start to feel then maybe your wife will see how hard your trying to turn your life around.

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Hey and welcome! I’ve found this group really helpful and don’t know what I’d of done without it to be honest! Thank you for sharing your story, it’s not easy to be so honest and takes a lot so good work! I really look forward to watching your journey! You got this!

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Thanks for your kind words

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welcome aboard mate, we’re all here to help each other not just with alcohol and drugs etc but with life. Post often and get stuff out of your head. Remember no matter how hard your life gets now and if big changes happen with your wife it’s you that matters, alcohol will not benefit you in any way and I’m under the impression you’ve got a lot to deal with so you need to keep a clear head and stay focused. I wish you well on your journey. :muscle:


Hi and welcome here 🙋
I’ve been where you are :pensive:
I was sober for 5 years and decided I was “cured” and could drink moderate again.
I managed for a few weeks or so and then the glasses build up to my old amount of way to much.
I quit again with the help of this app. I hope it helps you as much as it did me.
You have one thing in advantage: you were sober before! So you know what helped you back then.
Do pick it up where you left it!
If I can so can you :facepunch: