1st week ✅

I completed 1 week no edibles, no THC. I found this week to be a bit challenging and if it didn’t feel challenging on to the mission it came out in different ways. I spent time with family on the day I felt would be the hardest, which is my Friday of the week. I had a really good time. Left out of town to see my partner over the weekend. I found I was bit more sensitive than usual. I blame this change I am trying to make. None the less, her and I support one another. I want to quit because I am constantly living in self regret. I told my parents I self punish in my thoughts because I get worried I’m not going to remember everything I want to the long run. Even tho I live a healthy diet. I try my best to work on my stress levels but I need to take a step back from THC. It made them sad I expressed that because I’ve come so far I don’t need to be so hard on myself. All in all, finally 1 week done. One week past. I am proud.


Good job! Keep up the good fight

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