2 hours till 1 month sober!

Its been a hellish 12 years. So glad i made it this far. So much healthier and feel like i can accomplish anything!


Keep it up! Great job!

Wow, good for you! Keep going!

Fan-fucking-tastic. keep up the great work.

Thanks everyone appreciate the support!

Good job man. That’s a great feeling. Keep up the great work, keep coming back

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Awesome! Congratulations!!

Thanks guys appreciate it hitting a meeting in 15 mins

That is super!! So happy for you!

Well done, congratulations! :partying_face:

Great work! Congratulations! :clap::clap::two_hearts:

Well done, mate.

Way to go!

Congratulations… us too!!! :heart::pray:

Great job keep at it. Your doing good I always forget to appreciate the little things that keeps me going home that helps

Congratulations! That’s awesome!!

Thanks everyone, can’t even begin to describe how much better i feel, the 12 years i was using was hell, took my confidence and self esteem straight to the floor, feels so indescribably good having them back!


Well done buddy!

Sure no problem, never thought anyone would ever be able to get any inspiration from me lol.

Biggest changes ive noticed is im feeling my feelings again after 12 years of numbing them, im alot healthier, im 5’11" or 180 cm and was down to 108 lbs during my using…now im 142, so feel alot healthier, that on top of working out every morning has really changed my physical appearance so thats really helped alot with confidence/self esteem. Still havent gotten back into dating yet, but would like to soon.

As for what keeps me going is just sheer willpower i think. I know im stronger than this addiction, i look at it this way…i went through a bunch of hard times while using, did 3 months in jail, had guns pulled on me, had many long hospital stays/surgeries, friends od and many many other things so if i can get through them i can beat this addiction. Also i go to at least 1 meeting a day and that helped tremendously with the urge to use again, especially the first couple weeks.

If i can do anything to help anyone out i am more than willing. My addiction was opiates, mainly fentanyl/heroin so i know alot about them, not so much with alcohol and other drugs but if i can help just message me. Only been on these forums for a couple days, but really enjoying the community and would like to be a part of it.


Thanks for asking lol im an introvert so i usually dont talk about my life and feelings and things…im usually the one sitting in the corner observing :joy:

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