2 Months and 26 Days

I’m sad to report it, but after two months twenty six days I relapsed and had three wines. I could go over why, but the bottom line was, and is I wasn’t in control of my emotions…I wasn’t in control, and although I can see why I did it…it really could have been processed differently.

I have a dear warrior I was able to talk to tonight…I won’t call her out, but I want to say thank you. I know it might have been strange, but It is a gift I’m thankful for…so thanks dear one; you know who you are, and know you helped me from falling down a rabbit hole.

So now, I start again…and tomorrow I RISE again!

You only fail if you don’t rise…remember that friends.

Blessed Be.



Hope your doing better today it’s that stinking thinking that gets us all. Clear your mine breath and ask God for help. I believe we have to surrender and ask God for help.