2 months clean, mind hasn't been this clear before I've started using

Since I can last remember, my mind has been in a bog, I could never plan ahead my future, I could never get ahead, always stuck in the same rut, now I got a little sober time on my shoulders, my mind is starting to clear, I see things for how they are now, the biggest goal I have set for my self was to find happiness withen my self, I can produly say I am in near reach of my goal, hope you all have a good day!


Great work Flynn, congrats on your 2 months!!

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That’s great news! Stay strong man! You got this!

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That’s so cool, I’m happy for you! I used to be exactly the same regarding never being able to envision a future and not finding any happiness inside me, for as long as I’ve been an adult, but lo and behold, this is fundamentally changing now! A new life! A wonderful day and days to you too!

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With each day life becomes more clearer, thank you for your kind words! All the best