2 months from a year free

Ten days late on my 10 months clean :sweat_smile::joy:, how funny. Anyways, it’s so weird to say that now. I will admit it’s getting a little hard some days, I’ve been under a lot of stress since I started college last month. I have had some good things happen recently though, I got some closure on a certain issue that has been eating at me for a month or so. So that’s taken a good deal of weight off my shoulders. I still have my days, as does everyone. To those celebrating milestones, congratulations :heart:. And to those that have had to start back at square one, I believe in you and you can start again :heart:. Much love to everyone :blush:


Notching some good time up.

The year mark is a genuine milestone, but can also throw some wobbles and uncertainty at you.
Steady yourself and keep it one day at a time.
Before you know it that one year will be in your rear view mirror.

Go well

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Congratulations!! :tada:
What a relief to have that huge weight lifted. Your sobriety makes that possible.