2 weeks and I’m being tested

Today marks 2 weeks sober which is something to celebrate but with it comes a complete downpour of shit. I feel great. I have made a commitment not to drink and I’m feeling strong and confident in that. However, my daughters daycare is closed for the next 2 weeks because of COVID so now I’m teleworking full time, my husband is still actively trying to leave me which means even more with my daughter and the house is falling on me, his work schedule is evening-nights so when he is here or awake to help with her it’s minimal. I know I was drinking to escape the weight of feeling like everything was relying on me and now that I have no escape it feels like the intensity of it all has cranked up. Read this the other day and I’m trying to keep it at the front of my mind.


Hold in there, it’s worth it, there are tons of us here to lean on and listen, I’m on day 13 myself, no drinking or cocaine, I’m going insane to say the least, but you can do it, you are capable


Thank you and same to you. You can do it.