2019 Baseball


Im glad you mentioned advocating while there away from the spotlight. Thats the hypocrisy that fires me up. I was a NY Giants fan, they kneeled, now im not a fan. Whatever anyones politics, sundays aint the day. Either church or football or both if one chooses.

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Ah i didnt realize it was that bad, ive only been to a handful of games out there. I kinda figured the real estate issue played into it too, its gotten considerably more crowded up that way just in the 5 years ive been around. Yeah, i guess soccer being the “worlds sport” it makes sense more kids are playing it as the country gets more diverse. Prob appeals more to overprotective parents than football or baseball too…takin a line drive to the bean aint no joke! I cought one right smack between the eyes in high school and it moved me off the mound to first base, I was scared shitless to pitch after that lol

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Moose and Yelich at it already

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This explains so much. :rofl:

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Lmao gee thanks man, love u too! Ur not wrong tho, between that and the self medicating theres a lot wrong up there. It laid me out tho fr, i was seeing whole constellations for a few minutes and i had a knot on my forehead for a couple weeks

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Eh…I don’t think soccer any safer. Lots of knee, ankle and hip injuries, and then there’s the issue of flying headbutts where two players collide headfirst while trying to head the ball.

I don’t trust any sport where you can’t use your hands. Would you kick box without the box part? No.


Can confirm. All sorts of injuries playing soccer.


I love The Mariners. I feel they should trade Ken Griffey while they can still get something for him. Oh, and Ichiro is a great outfielder. Randy Johnson is a monster on the mound. With that lineup how could they not win the Super Bowl?


And the Randy Johnson Dead Bird Award goes to…:joy::joy:


Some soccer moms are hot… Hell with the game :laughing:…im going to hell lol


Goo Yankees!! Lol, I know they’re one of the more hated teams, but most of my family have been fans all my life, so I have liked them all my life. I can’t wait for our minor league season to start in June, as we don’t have a MLB team in my state!


Lol! If only we had all of them in their prime at the same time. Them and A-Rod, Edgar Martinez, Ed Buner, so many others.


Regardless of who likes what team, this is already looking to be a great year for baseball! Im a huge Cubs fan, but I just love watching in general. Going to the Rockies home opener on Thursday vs LAD. Can’t wait.


Leaving Wrigley July 4th, 2018. Just watched David Bote’s first home run of his MLB career.


Really want to catch a game at Wrigley. Like Fenway, it’s the last of the original big league parks.


I love that you have a piece of Fenway!! Two iconic old parks. If you love baseball, you gotta visit one, if not both :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It never escapes me how lucky I am to have gone to Fenway all my life. At least 2-3 dozen games. You really feel like you’re at what a ballpark is supposed to be.

It was quite the awakening when I went to Rogers Centre (SkyDome), the only other ballpark I’ve been in. Felt more like I was inside an airport or a shopping mall, not a ball stadium. It was better when I went the second time, roof was open, but still not the same.


Dem dodgers!!!


Carl Edwards drives me nuts! Should be 2-0 now. Big Cubbies fan here too…

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:frowning::persevere::confounded::tired_face::weary: there is no reason under the sun we should’ve lost last night and C’mon Darvish do something! :sweat: