2019 Baseball


No doubt…the big 3 taking turns on the mound, Justice and Otis Nixon in the outfield, and ryan klesko out there with them or on first :ok_hand:

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Too bad Alomar marred his whole career by spitting at Hirschbeck…

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I distictly remember watching both of these and going wild when i was a kid…


What? Woah!! Your autocorrect went a lil’ rouge & replaced Cubs with Pirates?! IKR! I knew you’d wanna correct that :grin:


@BondJaneBond I think your avatar is secretly a T for Texas Rangers?

Recap of games:
Cubs have their mojo back :smile:
Not sure what happened to the Mariners, but the Padres found some hitting. :frowning:
Braves lost - yaaaaasssss!!! :smile:

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Can’t have anyone thinking that :wink::smile:


OMG, your new avatar! :heart_eyes: :+1:

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You can upload the same & we’ll be twinsies :smile:

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I may take you up on that!

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@BondJaneBond. Ok, I see through this. You are secretly saying you are a Minnesota Twins fan. “We can be Twins-es”

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Cubbies are on fire @BondJaneBond @Eke!


Lol Nice try, but actually it was a nod to the twin 3-run homers in the 6th tonight by my man Baez & Jason Heyward of the CUBbbbbieeeessss :heart:


I’m telling ya! Fun to watch games 1 & 2 against the dodgers…can’t stand the dodgers. Glad Justin Turner finally got a haircut. He doesn’t look so much like an angry leprechaun running around the bases… course he hasn’t run much these last two days :wink::joy:


Rob, what’s up with the Mariners? They are on a 3 game slide.


Its an inevitability with them…red hot start, then the fizzle, then…lukewarm at best.

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I know! Usually they do better than this though. Its not until much further into the season that they begin to fail horribly.


I am not sure if the Padres are good or the Mariners are off? I think both teams may bring a surprise as the year wears on. They both have good personnel.

Either way, one of my all time favorite series is Seattle vs New York


That was a hayday for Seattle, for sure!


Griffey and Gretzky were my hero’s as a child. 97’ series should have been all mariners :cry:


Yeah, Friggin Yanks.

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