2019 Baseball

  • Seattle looked more respectable last night; nice win!!
  • Shout-out to the Cardinals for beating up on ATL, however, can’t forgive them for sweeping the Brew Crew.
  • Lester looked good for the Cubs in his return, but a tough loss to a good Dodger team.

Dodgers find a Ace they might finally be able to take it. A shame how they wasted Kershaws career…so far!


Quite a Cubs Dbacks game here. Top of 15th


Sweet Jesus and I’ve watched every spit! :grimacing:


There we go 007!

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Sox scored 6 in the bottom of the third to go ahead of A’s 6-4 :smile: :sunny:

Come on Padres, hang one on the Braves; pretty please .:pray:

Hopefully the Nats can take down the Cards. They’ve been on a tear recently.


Jason Vargas looked good, 1run (HR) 3 hits 3 walks 5 k’s.
This guy Luis Castillo (Reds) is throwing a great game also and Im not liking it. C’mon Mets…


Looks like extra innings for Mets & Reds


Nah, the mets are trying their best to lose this one… effin Familia, every effin time.


I forgot im watching on a delay, so yes, xtra innings it is.


Done 4-3 Mets with a sac fly to right

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Not the easy way, but they got it…:+1:t2:


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Watching our offense is a beautiful sight tonight! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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What in the hell happened to the Mariners?
@rmgrimmer & @TMAC help me understand?

@BondJaneBond & @ChicagoT no peanut gallery needed :smile:


I can’t not…sorry :joy: I thought the Mariners were good too?! WTH happened??? :thinking:


Go Dodgers! Sweep the Giants!


Lol, the Cubs happened, my friend!


I got a feeling the Mariners will be back at it before long, thats baseball for ya…very unpredictable. Its been no bueno around our way either, too many guys injured :confused: On the plus side phillies fans already started booing Harper…took em less than a month :laughing: i knew it was coming as horrible as hes been playing. Gonna be a loooooong 13 years bruh lol