2022 Happy Thanksgiving - stay strong!

Thank you so very much :kissing_heart:


Happy Thanksgiving to you as well


Happy Thanksgiving everyone


A very Happy Thanksgiving to you

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Still sober!


Today was great and easy, well until it wasn’t. All day I was so proud, I stayed sober even when smelling the wine. I was busy so that part helped, plus I had kombucha and na beer on hand so that made it nice when I poured those into my trusty wine/beer glass. Then everyone left, my sister and her family and then all of my kids headed to their boyfriends houses. I was alone. I hit a wall. If there was a time today that I could have slipped back into the comfortable numbness this was the time. But instead I was just sad. Sad I was alone and sad that I couldn’t be like everyone else and moderate. That sadness turned to anger and a little self pity. But somewhere in the midst of feeling all of those overwhelming feelings I told myself, “you’re badass” “ you just made it through your first holiday sober” “you are alert and feeling, you are strong and capable” “you can do anything” and then a wave of pride shot through me and I was ok. So…to celebrate my first sober holiday, I decided to treat myself. A nice hot bath with candles and some lemon ice water. Well deserved today. For all of you out there that had moments of doubt, of sadness, of fear, of anger….I see you. We can do hard things. One moment, one hour, one day at a time. Off to enjoy my treat.


The more Holidays I am sober the more I just don’t view alcohol or drugs as anything that ever did anyone any good I suppose. They are woven into the social fabric of getting together with friends and family like a second nature reflex for people to drink or smoke pot.

Those years working in liquor stores I saw the emptiness alcohol leaves people with when its all they have left. Sobriety can be a lonely place, but taking an uncompromising stand for anything can be a lonely place.


Very Thankful for my new Existence & subsequent Future Opportunities!


Awesome post! This was me as well - in the wine at noon, out at 9 pm. Today I picked up Shirley Temple soda at Cracker Barrel, wound up having everyone dig my fav iced tea - Blueberry Lavender by Republic of Tea instead so I’ll save those for later. Managed cooking just fine. Enjoyed my friends including starting a jigsaw puzzle. Didn’t miss the booze at all.


Sober holiday seasons are the best. The gifts of sobriety for ourselves and our loved ones to appreciate. Congratulations to everyone who had the privilege of being sober and present today :two_hearts:

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I’m so proud of you, girl! Facing those uncomfortable feelings, riding through them and not numbing it is really the way to go. Feelings come and go away. To take good care of yourself instead of “punishing” your body shows so much growth and respect for YOU :heart:

I’m celebrating Thanksgiving a day late. Big gathering with friends, which I’ve been hosting for the past 12 years or so. Never sober.

It scares me a bit because in the past 2 years I was on a decent sober streak until Thanksgiving. Then it all went to pieces - once exactly how you described, after everyone was gone. So I think I understand a bit and am extra proud of how you went the extra mile to keep going on the right path.

I’m determined this time to make things different from previous years.

Your post inspired me and gave me extra confidence that I can do it too :heart:


Welp .I did it! No liquor what so ever on a holiday thats KNOWN as the ultimate get together…Even though I walked down the wine aisle and looked at the Beer cooler…i faught it! And I know my main reason for being able to fight my temptation…
I stayed home with the kiddos and didnt envite no one over…
I know it sounds harse but BELIEVE ME… IT WORKED!
And here i am sitting at work(Graveyard shift) thinking about how proud i am of myself…
I hope everyone on the sober train was able to do it too!