21 Days(3 Weeks) of 90 Days Nofap



3 whole ass weeks, I still can’t believe it. Here I am feeling like a brand new person who is thoroughly making a change in his life. It has been hard but I literally took it hour by hour. I continue to focus on the positives and things that I want in my life. I will continue to stay strong because I want to feel “Normal” more than anything! Fuck Porn! I choose a life anew!


Wow! I tried it and i know how hard it is. great job! My record was one week :smiley: It’s a great motivation. I am currently trying to quit my porno addiction witch was always worse after drinking. Since I am sober now it’s getting better.


“Your Brain On Porn” by Gary Wilson is a great book to read and has helped me get pass the rough patches. Plus having sex in real life helps too. Congratulations to your current sobriety though and I hope you try the No fap again!


Congratulations!! :confetti_ball:


Thanks! It feels good to achieve something like this! I’m proud and want more success!


Really? This has not been how it works for me. Usually when im having cravings and i have sex, it does nothing to relieve the cravings.


congrats brother, thats awsome 3 weeks is amazing, keep progressing, by the time u know it you won t care about watching porn anymore.


Made to day 5 of NoFap. Feels great.


Yes keep going!! It’s gonna feel so good once you get passed more days. I just started working out and reading and handling school work and getting outside and going to events. It was hard at some point but man it is starting to get so much better


Thanks and literally it’s been a month and 16 days and I couldnt care at all about porn. It’s a miracle and I feel like I’m on cloud nine all the time.


For me having sex with my FWB feels that much better and yeah I may get cravings to masturbate but never for the porn. I start craving being inside of her and spending time with her. I feel more of the connection aspect than just routinely putting my penis into a vagina. Sorry to be so frank. But yeah apparently the book was saying that you can erased the learned conditioning of sex mixed with Pornography if that makes sense. Having the real deal reprograms in some ways too. Plus I haven’t masturbated because of the 90 day thing but I feel like even if I gave it a try after the 90 days I wouldn’t even enjoy it most likely.