21 days and 10 hours trigger warning

So 3 weeks have passed since my last aweful hangover. The last 7 days I have taken antibiotics for a dog bite which as helped me stay clear of booze because you can’t drink on them.

My mood has been quite depressive at times and I feel there’s tension at home all the time, unless it’s just me and my mood. I keep applying for jobs and getting offers but then turning them down last minute, I just can’t be bothered working for the man anymore for peanuts especially. I do have a very small part time business which I am just managing to keep a float, its not exciting and tiring but it will do for now as I care for my son during the morning.

I hope my mood lifts soon because its going to drive me to drink again.

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Sorry to hear that Jay, it sounds like you’re going through a tough time. Mood can sweep up and down and it sucks when you’re in the dumps.

Can I ask about the jobs? I assume since you’re going to interviews that you’re looking for something to add to your work life. What is it that keeps you from accepting the offers?

I don’t really want to be around other people. I am used to working alone.

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I hear you. That is a hard spot to be in. I’m sorry you’re not finding something that fits what you want right now.

I have a few questions that pop into my mind here, but I want to be sure they’d be useful to you; I don’t want to ask if it won’t be helpful. Would you be interested in my questions? Or would you like me just to listen?

I’m open to any questions.

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Why don’t you want to be around other people?

Because I am used to small crowds. Used to working alone and an introvert.

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Hmmm I can relate. Not on the same level but for me, I dislike large groups; I always feel they’re stuffy. Sometimes if it’s too loud I can’t hear myself think or feel; I find that anxiety-inducing.

It’s a shame that you can’t seem to find anywhere that meets your needs. You seem worried you’re going to stumble in your sobriety though. What is it that’s making you so worried about that?

I am worried about getting too stressed and it’s always stress that causes me to drink. That’s why we drink right? To escape the stresses and strains of life. It might seem like an obsseisive thing to do and that is the cycle I am trying to break.

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My mood is up and down because my brain is not used to not having a drink. The receptors of my brain need to recover, my stomachs bacteria needs to recover and this combined is going to make me want solitude. Maybe in a few months I might find that I am more rational about things and my anxiety will lift even more. Its still early days for me. 3 weeks for a weekly binge drinker is not much. A daily drinker 3 weeks is a lot.

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Totally understand you, lots of us have been there too! Have you been to any recovery meetings?

I class this app as modern recovery meeting. Never been to a meeting though. Probably never will.

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Definitely! That’s great, 3 weeks is a nice start :+1:

This app is a great tool and a very nice community with lots of friendly, supportive voices. It’s definitely a useful too in recovery :innocent: What is it about in person meetings that makes you hesitant to go?

I don’t have time for meetings. Also a certain degree of anonymity goes out the window

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I understand.

How is your recovery going from the dog bite? Are you feeling better?

It’s healed pretty well thank you Matt.

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Great! Take care & hoping things go well for you this week. Check in & let us know how you’re doing! :innocent:

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