25 days and I'm so proud

I reached today my 25 days milestone.
I’m actually really proud of how things are going, I feel better both mentally (I had just one breakdown) and physically and for an entire week I’ve been happy and this is unusual. Ready to reach my 1st month milestone!


Great job!!!
You are already at double digits and are 5 days out from a full month.
Keep going!!!

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Congrats! We will soon be in the 30 day club! (I’m on my 27th day). Let’s do this! To 30 and beyond!

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Congrats on 25 days before you know it you’ll be at 100 plus, thanks for making that change. I tell people all the time some people can not quit. Take it one day at time and stay strong don’t look back.

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Congratulations! I’m at 22 days sober! We are approaching the 1 month club!!!

Congratulations, an incredible achievement!!!

That’s fantastic, congratulations on your 25 days! There will be hard days and easy days but they are all worth it :heart: