25 Days off the booze

Hey Guys

Something new, i’m 25 days off the booze now. Im trying to make a 100 days streak. A buddy offered me a lucrative bet and i felt shitty from a drinking night, so i said yes. And i feel great so far, doing workout almost every day. I guess my testosterone-level is going through the roof (im assertive, have nearly endless power, and the libido, just wow…). Anxiety is still there from time time, but much less than before.

But i must confess, i miss the feeling of beeing drunk. I think every day at November 4 (Day 100). Planning to make a great party. Crazy right?

The good thing is, there are still 75 to go and im working on my mindset. Maybe i will surpass myself and do 101^^. But, step by step, its still a long way to go and i know overbearing is a really safe way to lose. Wish me power, i think the really hard days will come.:smirk: