26 days clean off methadone... feeling down

26 days which turns to 27 today at 4… first night last night were my restless legs were not overwhelming. I’m sneezing alot all day and night is this normal? I never sneeze rarely until this. Running nose still but I’m having awful depression and no energy & drive. I’m taking a drawer if vitamins and nothing is helping. Any idea how long this last…I have always battled depression but it was less noticeable when on methadone… idk everything seems blah. Praying for all of us proud of everyone here

And another note…does going off methadone make u emotional? I can’t remember the last time I cried… I could fall apart at a moments notice for dumbest things…As a guy I feel like such a wimp rn… but gosh does this go away too?!..


Hey Danny! You’re doing great and so glad things are slowly getting better.

The sneeze is likely due to your congestion/ drippy nose or possibly from exposure to a new environmental allergen.

Are you getting out and doing some walks daily? Appetite is hopefully coming around too. Happy 27!

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Thanks brotha!!! I’ve never had allergies so I just assumed it from coming off the methadone. I am walking, I’m still not healed up from surgery… I’m forcing myself out to walk, the store, but it’s a challenge… It took 3 days to force myself in thr shower… my appetite is back but I’m eating 1/4 of what I was. I was a big diet soda drinker prob 12 pack a day and stopped drinking anything but water on the 30th of March…I swear that soda is addictive because I crave it and it keeps me up haha. I made alot of promises to God though and I gotta get healthy for my kids.

I appreciate you brotha… your kindness moved me to be a better man.

Your doing great, hope you start to feel better and congratulations on your 27 days :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you!!!

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