28 days sober, a book, and happiness! Who knew?!

28 days is special to me! I was going to wait until day 30 to write something, but I’ve accomplished so much so far. The furthest I’ve made it without drinking was 27 days and that was just last month when I was trying “Dry January.” Before that I made it to 13 days and before that who knows. I’ve been drinking since I was about 17 years old (I’m 31 now)and it feels amazing to be sober!!! Since the start of my current 28 days I’ve been to a bar to farwell a co-worker, a brunch with a friend, a family party with mucho booze and was sober for every event! It was not easy to say the least and im still trying to get used to the “why arent you drinking” questions, but so far staying strong. I’ve also read a book! Now, this my friend is major. Before my 28 days, every moment of free time I could gobble wine I would, which for me didnt leave any brain cells to read a book, let alone a sentence. But my free time now consist of reading and studying to be a personal trainer (something I’ve always wanted to do) and I finally feel like those cells are being put to good use! I get the chills just typing this. I love that I can share this with you all, love the support, and hope to continue this journey!


:+1: congart ! That is super . Keep going :facepunch:

Thats so lovely… i wish u all the best on your wonderful journey x