282 days today!

282 days sober today… never thought I’d make it this far… there’s been tough days and some easy days… my father passed away 2 weeks ago pretty unexpectedly but I stayed sober through it… I was able to man up and be present and even deliver his eulogy at his funeral… if I was in my drinking days no way could I have done that… wishing you all continued success! :pray:t2:


Way to go, Bren! Feels really good when those difficult things seem not so difficult. So sorry about your dad. Take care.

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Congrats! My deepest condolences on your Dad’s passing. That is a real test. You passed!

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Thank you! :pray:t2::heart:

Thank you so much! :heart::pray:t2:

So sorry to hear about your loss. You should feel mate proud of yourself. You’re doing a great job and are an inspiration to not only myself but I’m sure, many others reading this.

Congratulations on so many days alcohol free and commiserations on the loss of your father. I’m sure he’d be delighted for you that you got this far :muscle::muscle::muscle: