2nd day in recovery

2nd day in recovery still feeling guilt and shame for my selfish mindset and actions while using… but I’m also optimistic to be taking action of freeing myself from my addiction and living a better more fulfilling and meaningful life


Your off to a good start, you can do this.

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You can do this just have faith and stay strong…

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Beautiful last few lines!
That is deep and beautiful!
I am not at that mindset, hopefully one day I will be!
Go you/stay strong!

Also on my second day after multiple attempts and a detox program I was sober for 11 days before I relapsed and it was not good I fell straight back into my habits. Those 11 days after the withdrawals left were great. I felt happy positive and future oriented. Stay strong. Message back if you want a chat :slight_smile:

You just have to take it minute by minute. One thing that I have learned is to play the tape all the way through which means to stop and think about what you do before you it.

Just crossed 15 days sober (this time). Best advice I can give for 2 days in is if you can do two, then you can do three. Each day you will feel better, more positive, less shame or guilt.

Known what feels the best for me? When my wife hugs me or kisses me for no apparent reason. I know what it is. She’s happy to have her husband back, and I’m happy that I’m not a source of pain and worry.

I couldn’t do it without this forum and the awesome souls that share and encourage. I know. I’ve tried to do sober by myself before, and failed. Hope you come often and feel the love here.

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Stick with it! One day at a time. Stay sober the next 24 hours. If that’s too big then stay sober for the next hour. That’s not so hard right😉 #sarcasm

But really, you can stay sober today. I know you can!

Guilt and shame are a common staple. The key here; is you can’t change the past, but sure in the heck can change your future! I know this days are hectic, and worse your guilt will try and convince you to use. It’s your mind playing tricks on you! The only person that can stop you from drinking ultimately is yourself. No matter how much outside support you got, it all rest on your shoulders. Even more scary, you’ll make it week or more, and you’ll feel like a million bucks. Bam! You’ll get this false feeling you don’t have a problem, and you’ll find yourself at ground zero. Again…

Watch out for the pitfalls!

Come here often and regularly. You’ll see your pattern in others as they struggle for answers as you build your sobriety tool chest.

You got this!