2nd guessing

Hello im new and half a year sober. Anyone else feeling drained and unconfident?


Not yet at half a year myself but there are definitely days I feel that way. It is tough, that blah feeling. One interesting comment I heard in a SMART meeting the other day was, there’s this idea that fun is reserved mainly for kids; for adults, we just go to work & come home. When did we forget to have fun? To have the thrill of experiencing something new, of playing?

We brainstormed a bunch of ideas: Irish dancing (a community event in our town, no signup or training needed), joining the local outdoors club, a language group at the library, MeetUp groups, etc. It was interesting: once we started sharing ideas, people said, Oh yeah! I had a day like that last Saturday. It was great!

Do you think your feeling is coming from boredom? Or maybe something else?


I have lists I turn to for those feelings.
I wrote a list on day 1 of everything alcohol was f*cking up for me.
I wrote down exactly how I was feeling during my last hangover and took a picture that still makes me cringe to look at.
I wrote a list at 90 days of everything I had gained from sobriety so far and I did this again at 6 months.
At 5 months I wrote down all of the goals I had that could only be accomplished if I remained on this sober path.
There is no second guessing for me, I have all the evidence I need that recovery is the right and only life for me.
Maybe sitting down and putting pen to paper could help with some of your thoughts, too?


Half a year here. Being sober doesn’t create rainbows and unicorns.
The issues we had before, will still be there.

Why are you drained and unconfident ?
Are you going to meetings ?


Not long ago I wrote this post about it :

Hey Mitchel welcome to TS, and congrats on your sobriety. You have put a chunk of time into not using, what have you been doing for your recovery?
As others have mentioned putting work into recovery is imperative to staying sober.
Good ideas to do that in the previous posts.

Read lots here, you may feel uplifted knowing you are not alone… could even get inspired by others stories and what they have done to get there.


Working a program whatever that looks like for you is a must have putting down alone is never enough


Sober today ,top of the world maw " things done to make you happy work with others go to the gym lifes to short wish you well

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Unless you wanto be back to day 1.keep going 6 months is great.