3 days in!

Here I go again! But at least I can hold myself accountable. New years eve was my last hooray and honestly the next day I felt totally ready. Normally by now the urges would be totally set in, but this year is a new chapter in my life and my families and I am so happy where my mind is at!!! Happy new Year y’all!!!


Welcome and I’m happy your feeling ready for this,that’s always a great place to start remember that just putting down your doc is the start point have you any good tools to to use when inevitably the days aren’t so great BC from experience that’s when it all counts.xxenjoy those good days and be ready and armed for the not so good days.keep reading as there’s so much information and help on this forum.xx

Happy new year to you.
Hold that thought. Keep it firmly in the forefront of your mind. No matter what else happens in your life, keep that that right there.
Have you got a plan?

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Day 2 here! First Jan, did some drinking to controll my hangover🙈 also no discomfort or cravings yet, other then sweating at night! Hang in there, we’ll get through

It’s Day 2 for me after doing OK yesterday. I’ve got really bad toothache which I think weirdly is helping distract me from the wine fridge :flushed: