3 relapses in 2 plus years

I feel so angry at myself. I have been sober for more than 2 years but within the last 3 months I’ve had three relapses. I’m able to get back up and try again but I’m so disappointed because it takes me to such a dark and scary place. I have worked so hard and come so far to be the person I am today. I have the man of my dreams back in my life and have had a beautiful little girl within that time. I know if I continue down this road I will loose everything I’ve worked so hard to achieve. I feel like I need support and need someone to call as I never want this to happen again. I can’t loose my family. They are my world. I think it’s so easy to loose anything at the drop of a dime and maybe I need to Put in more work to get to a better place. It is unacceptable. Please help my sober network… I love you all so much.


Keep at it, you got this. Fall down 3 times, get back up 4. Look forward, be aware of triggers and red flags. Its okay to stumble. Whats your support system?

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Thank you so much… my boyfriend I guess but then when I tell him my thoughts he always say maybe I need to find a group or therapist to talk too. I don’t even know where to start. I’m not big on AA only bc I like group therapy in which I get feedback in return. I know I need a Sponser but don’t even know how to go about finding one in an alternate setting…

I dont go to meetings or have a sponsor, i probably should since im new to sobriety. Im 40 and just got sober. Does your BF drink?

Rarely, he’s very respectful

Thats tremendous! Appreciate that, because its hard to find a mate who will walk that path with you. You’re stronger than you think, thats why i have to tell myself daily, we all are stronger than we think, we’ve just been led astray and beaten down and carry guilt. Lift your head up, todays a new day. You got this!!!


One of the best things I ever received in AA was the phone list. Everyone in the meeting put their number down for me. No matter what time of day it was I always had someone to call and speak with


Thank you so much for your kind words!!!

Ues ma’am, you got this. You’re stronger than you think! Have a great day.

You will get feedback in return for what you say in AA or NA just go and try, it’s the best possible support system. It seems that you have been on here for years but hardly used it, you said yourself that you might need to put more work in to this perhaps you should and then hopefully you won’t lose your lovely family. I’d spend every waking minute working on my sobriety if I had in my life what you have, in fact I do that anyway​:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: