3 weeks clean...then... Ruined

Ruined my clean 3 weeks. What a fucking disaster. Holy shit.


Well done on three weeks! You can do this again. Please don’t think everything’s ruined - now you know you can get that far, and further next time.


All good! Don’t beat yourself up, start over you got this, I believe in you.

hello and welcome, we don’t get it right the first time and maybe not even the tenth but it’s progress not perfection.

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You can do another 3 weeks dont be so hard on yourself.

You have just shown yourself you are stronger than you think, 3 weeks is Sensational!!!, this journey isnt easy at first but day by day it will get better. Next aim 1 month.

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I’m still sad. I was doing so well…it wasn’t even a great excuse to drink again…man oh man. I’ll try again.


It happens, just get back on the wagon. Good job on the three weeks!

All successful people know what it’s like to fail. In fact, they’re experts at it. It’s not the failing that matters, it’s getting back up, looking back, and figuring out what you can learn from the fall. All is not ruined. Three weeks is still awesome. Next time you’re going to make it more than that.


Just keep trying. I made it almost 5 months and felt great but I let quarantine get the best of me. But now I know what I had accomplished and how good I felt during that time and I got back up, dusted off and started all over again. It will be a lifelong journey for me but as long as I keep trying I know it’ll be a better outcome than if I hadn’t.

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That’s amazing! Hang in there. You did it once so now you KNOW you can do it again! If you can add even one day to that number, that’s called progress.

Glad you used the word excuse, cause that’s what it is, and it’s rare that an excuse is ever a good one… ever.

Let it sting, the deeper the burn, the brighter the scar. Scars are great reminders of what we do and why do or don’t do something.

Not all doom and gloom from me though, you’ll try again and that’s a great success. Getting right back to your goal after a set back is the sign of a grinder. I tried and tried and failed and failed for years, but eventually I got it with a lot of help. I’ve been sober for a couple years and all the trying was definitely worth it.

Keep coming back pal, glad to have ya here.

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Yup I had 27 days before my lost weekend. Im devastated but i called every person in AA I could and I told my friends what im doing. Day 1 and a half lol and Im finally starting to feel hopeful again.

I hope you feel better. Just wanted to let you know youre not alone.

For me it’s all in my head I personally romanticise alcohol I only remember the nice times sat in summer with a pina colander or fruit cider…yet forget where I’ve projectile vomited across my hallway or had a domestic and the cops have arrived to me shouting my head off then there’s the bruises I wake up with and the constant checking of phones to see who I’ve rang and offended again lol what’s romantic about any of that?


Sounds like hell to me. I totally get that romaticism aspect. As someone who once almost had a year alcohol free i can tell you that when youre alcohol free its a lot more romatic. Appreciating the sky and the day for what it is. For me alcohol stopped making anything better after about 21 or 22 to be honest.

How are you feeling?

I’m ok thurs my son goes to his dads so it’s where my drinking days usually start sooo I’m gonna get him sorted have a shower put pjs on and stay in it’s not ideal but I’m a the point where I need to avoid risk by next week I’ll be fine we’re all on lockdown anyway I don’t need to go out for anything I’m gonna eat well drink coffee and binge watch Netflix how about you?

Nice. You got this! If I can get to 27 days anyone can. Riding this train back to that. Might be a good time to spend some time with a sober friend?

Feeling pretty much like poop but clearing up slowly.

I can’t lol we’re still on lockdown plus everyone I know even my ‘normal ‘friends are on lunchtime wine o clock!!i think the Coronavirus is gonna cause big problems I was drinking more out of boredom as I think a lot of people are don’t know where you live but the uk were told only go out for essential items the government classified alcohol as an essential luxury item I jest not crimes gone down but anti social behaviour is up …wonder why :rofl:

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I found just throwing on a recovery podcast and letting my phone rest on my stomach was really helpful. Gave me reassuring thoughts and i still got to relax! Just helped me a few times when i was doing the laying in bed alone thing. Its just so hard! Of course i want to watch something else and not be an alcoholic lol. Thats just me though.

For me to finally start even just driving from one place to another without stopping only recently started to come together with a lot of help from AA. I just relapsed though. It was not worth it.

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I was sober for 9 months a few years ago I restarted a drink here few there(I had a v stressful job)before I knew it I was back on it the disappointment in myself was horrendous the drinking not half as fun as I’d made out in my head.before you know it years have passed it’s not worth it