3 Weeks Yesterday

So I’ve been clean for 3 weeks and so far I haven’t had the urge to get high since. Usually this is when it starts to get harder to push on. I went to an NA meeting and I felt so welcomed and supported but I don’t feel right continuing with the program because I don’t intend to stop drinking alcohol. Alcohol has never been an issue for me. I’ve never drank to get drunk. My last drink was over a week ago so that shows how frequently I drink. Any help?


Congrats on your 3 weeks clean…that is really fantastic!!

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I think what matters is that you’re getting help for what is a problem for you. If you’re finding help dealing with your drug problem then I think you should still go. It can’t hurt to have that support and work the program for what you’re having issues with. I hope that makes sense.

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There are different schools of thought on this. I’m in AA, and have chosen to abstain from marijuana while I work through the steps (so that’s probably 6-12 months of complete sobriety) and then I’m going to reassess how I feel about it. There are sponsors who absolutely will not sponsor you unless you are completely sober. There are also people who believe in “marijuana maintenance” as a healthy alternative to drinking. I know people who have had years of sobriety from alcohol who can smoke recreationally without it being an issue, but I’ve also heard from my sponsor that the only two people she’s sponsored that starting smoking again ended up back in the bottle and are very ill now.

I think it’s different for everyone but it’s worth taking a good honest look at your consumption and whether or not it’s problematic. Are you drinking daily? Would you be able to stop for awhile while you work on you NA issue? If the thought of abstaining entirely causes fear or anxiety, it probably means you are using alcohol as a crutch the same way you are using your DOC.

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Thank you for your insight. It means a lot. I think I’ll hit up a meeting and talk to some people and figure out what works best. I think that I’m probably more afraid of explaining why I’m not drinking than actually not drinking.