30 day challenges


It tastes better if you rub it in :wink:


Mmm ok I see how this is gonna be … no worries and I have a good memory lol it’s on now


I’m already loving it :wink:


Ya I can see that :smirk:


Push ups and lunges done … can’t do sit ups at the moment to muddy

to muddy


:muscle:t2::muscle:t2: oh I will get it done today don’t u worry


Pro tip: don’t wait until you’re about to go to bed to start the challenges :joy::joy:

I will do better with time management today!


If your feet reach the floor, you are tall enough.


Day 2 of the 30 day challenge, 9.30-10am HIT session at the gym, at 6pm 50 push ups, 50 sit ups, 50 lunges :fist_right: getting it done, although My butt muscles are starting to feel the burn :joy:


day 2 :heavy_check_mark:


150 pushups!? Crazy lol


If you do 10 or 15 every hour or so, not so crazy. My plan (after my belt test), is to do a max set of everything, as part of my morning workout, and then what’s left to get me to 150, throughout the day. I have a fitbit, so when it prompts me to move on the hour, I’ll do pushups, situps, and lunges in sets of 10-20, until I’ve hit the mark for the day. Worked when I had a step-goal.

The big question for me is use injury. No real muscle recovery, but a good tear-down is a proven way to get through a plateau.


I usually do about 40 pushups to warm up, among other exercises. As long as accurate form stays consistent then I should be good. I just read an article about doing push-ups on different variations, the T form being the worst for your shoulders.

I love the closer stance pushups, works those triceps


Oh good idea about the fit bit. I’ll have to do that as well


I’m going to be starting mine on my night shift tonight… Didn’t have a great day yesterday emotionally so I’m a little behind… I will try to fit what I missed yesterday into the next few days :blush:


Day :v:t3:complete :slight_smile:️ ya know if you add a ‘g’ & remove a ‘d’ you could be Yoga-Stevie :grin:


The only Yoga this guy does, is Frozen Yoga. I like chocolate.


my yoga partner tonight lol


Omg why is this so hard?? Slept in until 7 now I must power workout after I bring my granddaughter home. Why do I do this to myself? I did do 30 lunges but man my butt hurts. Going to have to work up to 150. Off to do my yoga


Love it :dog: are you doing the same YouTube yoga as me? Or another?