30 day challenges


I did a different video today, I went with a different instructor that focuses on the typical trouble areas with my fibro since I was a little sore today. I think I’m actually going to change it up every day and try all kinds of ones!


That’s a good idea! I like mine a lot, but also feel like I could do more or switch it up a bit. Good thinking :thought_balloon:


I did my 30 sit ups (10 at a time instead of 5). I managed only 1 2-minute wall squat. No yoga today. I am substituting with stretching, my hips and rotator cuff are screaming at me.


Sit ups hurt my back. But I think I do them wrong too. I keep my back straight when I’m coming up, I really don’t curve my spine much. I’m probably causing huge damage :grimacing:


Some of the people who are in better shape than I can weigh in, but if your back is hurting during a sit up, it’s likely your body is using your back and not your ab muscles.

I have psoriatic arthritis and a shoulder injury, so I just need to listen to this aging body!

I am really hoping that alcohol-free living will help my arthritis and joint pain.


I remember doing sit ups wrong back in high school :joy: I’m sure I make it harder on myself. No health issues yet (knock on wood) for me just sloppy technique.

And I’m sure cutting out alcohol will definitely help in those other areas :+1:t3:


Ok done wow so much easier not to forget in the morning :rage:won’t happen again


I’m with you Jody. I am doing my exercises in the morning from now on.


Still pushup free buddy?!


Ya way better that tryin to work them on thru the day … what a pain


23 days clean today hell yeah!!!


Day 3. Zero push-ups achieved


I did a 2 mile run! Working on completing the trifecta from hell, also planning on squeezing in day 2 of yoga! :woman_in_lotus_position:t3:


Y’all if this challenge doesn’t help me get in shape, I give up :joy::joy:


Proud of you


Overachiever, you!

Here, after yesterday’s fiasco pushing to do it all in an hour, at least managed to repeat today sore as heck by spreading it out. 60/90/150 pushups/lunges/crunches. Tomorrow will be plus yoga (too hungry, ate as soon as I finished tonight!).


If someone is looking to do these at one go, there’s a neat way of dividing these so that the reps decrease with each lap first 50 of each, then 40, 30, 20, 10 and that’s it…I did mine like that yesterday at the gym…exept for the pushups which I had already done in the morning as 5*30…but today I’m leaving this whole thing to be done after my upper body workout at the gym…pushups are going to be tough…let’s see if I make it…Day three…come on everyone, we can do this…apart from @Anarchy…pretty sure he is going to wuss out :wink: jk


Day 3 yoga challenge done!

Actually looked forward to getting out of bed this morning.


Glad I’m not the only one who’s butt hurts :joy: morning in the UK and on day 3 I’m broken :joy: will have to adapt my exercise today


Elevate your legs up by hold them up OR resting on top of a bench or platform. That will straighten arch in your lower back to help reduce any uncomfortable back pain. Do crunches in place of situps. :grin:
Also, if your feel it more in your quads, neck strain, back while doing situps…if they burn out before your abdominals do…just stick to crunches for a while to strengthen core then work up to performing situps.