30 day today...finally

I reach 30 days today. It only took over a year to get to this point bit I made it. It has not been easy. In fact there have been times it was painful. My fight will continue. This is not the time to get complacent


Congratulations you are well on your way

30 days! Great job! 30 days was a real turning point for me. Just think- you’re truly sober, no poisons in your body. You re right, it’s not time to be complacent. It’s time to start working on your new sober life. Great job😊

I got 60 days today no oxycodone! Great job on 30 :smile: we’re killing it !!

Thank u. Yes we are.

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Way to go!!!
Im hella happy for you!!!

Congrats ! Keep it up !

Congrats! Here’s to 30 more days!


Congratulations on the 30 and many more to come

@staytech nicely done! I just hit my 30 yesterday! I agree with you too. Now is not the time to get comfortable and laid back. Gotta work harder and keep pushing.
Congratulations on your achievement.

Thank you. It’s an up hill fight but it’s one we can win