30 Days clean!

I never thought I would get this far and I am in disbelief. But I am so incredibly happy! Even though the rest of my life is still falling apart, one thing i hold on to is that I am fighting this addiction like a warrior!!

Thank you everyone for all of your support!

God bless us all!


Wooh!!! That’s awesome!!! Keep killin it. :grin::grin:

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Hell yea!!! Congrats!!!

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Way to go on your 30!!!

Hell yes! It’s crazy for me too. I am going through so much (nothing I did) and the stress is so unbelievable, but I keep thinking. “Holy shit, this is so stressful right now, but I am clean! Wow, I really must have been fed up” I would use stress as a reason to “use”. I would convince myself I had to take the pills so I can get through this hard time. (Usually work) cheers to us!

30 days is HUGE!!! Congrats and keep it up!

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