30 Days Nofap



Reset my counter after I made it 30 days Nofap. Didn’t watch porn but definitely fapped. I still have watched porn for a month and 24 days now. For some reason I just wanted a good fap.

What I can say though, life away from porn is beautiful and I still feel so much better than where I was a month and 24 days ago.

I don’t feel any shame in restarting the counter. It shouldn’t be too hard to make it to another 30 days. I’ll see what happens as I continue with no porn. My mental health is still in tact and my life is improving.


porn sucks bro, masturbation is natural as long as it does not interfere with your life. congrats on the streak, u can deffinetly make it another 30 days.


Defo what @anon33710869 says. No porn is the better of the 2. No good for the head. That’s the one to really concentrate on. Well done!


Yeah man the no porn in my life is what I’m mainly focused on. It’s fun though seeing how long I can go without masturbation. Here’s an interesting thought. What if you film you and your partner having sex is that considered porn of you are watching yourself doing what you have already done?


Yeah I agree. My head is so much clearer now without porn. I will continue not viewing it.


Yes. Filming your partner and you and watching later is still porn. There is no intimacy in being alone watching sex, even if it’s you. The brain is still releasing the same chemicals as if you were viewing porn. I have had this thought also, and for me I considered it bargaining. Just another step through the grief of letting go of an old “friend”, just another step in the direction of full blown addiction again.

I have 28 days right now of no orgasm whatsoever. 36 days free from pornography. There are times when I try to justify certain behaviors, but the thought of having to start this brain reset over is enough to keep my hands busy with something else.


I guess I’ll have to reset my pornography counter as well. It’s interesting because we both decided to record it and reviewed it together. Just to see what it was like during. I want to research more before I go resetting anything just yet. My understanding is that watching porn is harmful because you put yourself into voyuer mode and the addiction comes from the endless novelty of different women you see in different clips.

What’s interesting is I watched the short playback of our film and it didn’t do the same arousal jolt that would happen if I viewed a legitimate Pornography clip of other people having sex. I read that when we are young and just starting to masterbate, we put ourselves in fantasy and we are the doers or main character of the fantasy. That is healthy compared to being the watcher in the fantasy watching others do what you want to do like porn.

I’m going to go research some more though.


i don’t think looking at yourself make a video is porn in my eyes, now if i made a movie and u watched my movie, that would be considered porn because your watching strangers not yourself, it really is up to u if u wanto reset, and what boundaries you dont wanto cross, good progress on your part bro.


I agree. That’s what I read about porn addiction. It’s the act of continuously watching other people have sex and constantly seeing different girls and scenes. All I know is that I definitely did not get that dopamine shot as I was watching the play back. It felt like I was seeing a video of me doing something normally but this time it involved sex. Now if I were to watch porn boy I’m pretty sure I would have felt that strong sensation. I think I’m counter is still safe and intact.


porn is as addictive as a drug, some people can handle porn just like alcohol, but i have an addictive personality once i start watching or drinking i dont stop until i get myself into problems. Great job on your streak, i hit 40 days no porn today myself, it really is a waste of time. Wish i knew this before, it has taken me 24 years of experience, to finally realize pornography, is a problem in my life. Dont do the same as me, is not worth it.


It’s crazy how much you never know something is affecting your life until years later. I can’t wait to go 365 days with out porn to see how much my brain is rewired. The good thing is that now we understand the issue and we are working very hard to continue to keep ourselves free from that habit and disease.


I understand you. I want to avoid porn and masturbation. I don’t like myself being a monkey.
9 days sober


glad to hear that bro, no need to be carrying the weight of porn on your shoulders, if your like me i stay away from anything that triggers me, is a life changing experience.


never give up my friend


I think the best thing that helps and is why it’s called the NoFap Reboot is to stop the things that trigger you to watch porn. That’s why they claim you shouldn’t masturbate while doing this challenge. What helped me stop watching porn was the actual sex with a real person. For a while I did that and I didn’t fap because sex was always available and then for a while I stopped watching porn. Then later on after a while of not watching porn I went 14 days no fap and no sex and then finally went back to having sex. After that 14 day period urges to masturbate went away. It’s hard but you have to stay strong and fill your time with doing activities and things that aren’t masturbation to porn.


I have to disagree on the having sex as part of the re-boot. After using porn, masturbation and sex as a drug for so long (26 years) my brain cannot tell the difference between orgasm from masturbation, or real sex. It is fried. My sex addiction caused also a need to isolate and prevented me from creating real, intimate relationships with other human beings. It all became a fantasy, and women just playing a part in that fantasy. When having sex, I was playing out a role. There was no flexibility in how things went, no playfulness, no actual intimacy- things had to go a certain way or it was over. I had to have control of the fantasy.
Establishing an actual relationship with another person, liking them for who they are, not just if they fuck me, and then incorporating sex into it is the goal, for me.
If I could do a brain reset and still have sex, I could get a prostitute and sex all night and be okay?
If I had the emotional fortitude it took for a healthy, intimate sexual relationship, then I certainly wouldn’t be here, talking to these fine folks.


Oh most definitely do what you have to for your body, mind, and spirit’s sake. Everything you choose to do is up to you and it has to be what works for you. I was just reading “Your Brain On Porn” and it mentioned that you can have sex while embarking on this challenge but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

I would say a full Cold Turkey of NoFap would probably help you rewire your brain. I think 2-4 weeks in of no sexual anything you may see some superpowers or at least see some changes in your mind and energy.

I definitely hope you start to feel the healing Powers of NoFap and No Porn. It’s not gonna be easy but when you finally make it through those rough patches boy are you gonna feel on top of the world.


this is a really interesting topic, sounds like we all feel the same about one thing and that is porn, i have waisted so much time and money on porn, and all i have to show for it is being antisocial, @longingforthenorth @SmokeyMirror u make some really good points, on this addiction we all have here.


I’m 4 weeks in… no superpowers yet, but I really love your enthusiasm! :grinning: keep at it, friend


You’ll beat this yet!! Perseverance is power.